Conference Tracks and Electives

Welcome to The Biblical Exposition Conference "New" Skill Camp Model

The Biblical Exposition Conference is designed to create disciplined learners who study, preach and/or teach God's Word. You are participating in a building model which begins with the development and implementation of solid foundational skills and continues through studying, practicing and learning effective forwarding skills and concluding with finishing skills to master both hermeneutics and homiletic skills toward theological, historical, doctrinal and biblical accuracy. 

Foundation Skill Camp                                                                                    Foward Skill Camp                                                                          Finishing Skill Camp                                                      
*Greek Alphabet                                                                                                 *Discerning Biblical Genres                                                              *Developing Strong Introductions                                                                       
*Intro to Biblical /Historical Context                                                                    *Utilizing Exegetical Tools (Hermeneutics)                                     *Presenting A Clear Explanation
*Intro to Word Study (Strong Concordance)                                                      *Introduction to Homiletics                                                               *Demonstrating Relevant Application                                                         
                                                                                                                           *Developing An Outline                                                                   *Implementing Effective Conclusions


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