Conference Tracks and Electives

Each BEC Conference student starts their learning within their own lane with the overarching goal to become more estute in God's Word!



                                   Biblical Exposition Conference Tracks

                                                                        Track One:                                                    Track Two:                                                        Track Three:
                                                                        *Intro to Word Study                                       *Intermediate Word Study                                  *Advance Word Study
                                                                        *Intro to Syntax                                               *Intermediate Syntax                                          *Advance Syntax
                                                                        *Intro to Culture/Context                                 *Intermediate Culture/Context                            *Advance Culture/Context (OT/NT)
                                                                        *Intro to Subject Complement                         *Intermediate Subject Complement    
 Track Goals
                                                                                  Track One:  The goal of Track One is for the individual to develop proficiency with the concepts of biblical interpretation.
                                                                                  Track Two:  The goal of Track Two is two-fold:
1) To build on the skills learned in Track One;
                      2) To start the application process of biblical interpretation. 
Track Three:  The goal of Track Three is to build on the skills learned in both Track 1 and Track 2.  
                                This track offers students a Biblical lens of interpretation from whole context of the Bible (Genesis to Revelation).



  • Biblical Counseling
  • Effective Teaching Methods
  • Logos Software 
  • Minister's Wives Seminar 
  • Travel the Road from Text to Sermon  
  • Sermon Prep & Development
  • Transformational Teaching





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