2018 Biblical Exposition Conference Rates

$275.00 (Aug 1-March 16, 2018)
$350.00 (Conference Rate)
Tuesday Luncheon Included
Group (10 or more)
$200.00 (Valid til February 28, 2018)
Tuesday Luncheon Included
*All  Biblical Exposition Conference (BEC) Registrations Must Be Made Online Only*
  • How to Complete Biblical Exposition Conference (BEC) Online Registration Form
  1. Fill out the Online BEC Registration form below completely and click on the "Submit Conference Registration Form"Once you have completed the BEC Online Registration Form and clicked on the "Submit Conference Registration Form", then you must render your payment for BEC by clicking on the Buy Now button. Groups MUST COMPLETE AN ONLINE REGISTRATION FORM FOR EACH PERSON IN THE GROUP.  GROUP DISCOUNT IS ONLY AVAILABLE TO GROUPS CONSISTING OF TEN OR MORE  MEMBERS, PLEASE USE THE PAYMENT OPTION OF $200.00  FOR EACH ADDITIONAL GROUP MEMBER. (ANY REGISTRATION SUBMISSIONS THAT DOES NOT MEET THE MINIMUM NUMBER OF REGISTRATIONS REQUIRED FOR GROUP DISCOUNT CONSIDERATION WILL BE PROCESSED AT THE PREVAILING INDIVIDUAL RATE.)


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Choose the track that applies to your level.  

Track 1   Introductory Track. Designed to teach the concepts of biblical interpretation.

Track 2   "How to" Track.  Designed to build on the skills learned in track one and focus on application.  

Track 3   Advanced Track. Designed for the advanced students to continue to build on their Bible interpretation skills.

Choose one elective by clicking below.

Biblical Counseling  

Effective Teaching Methods  

Logos  Software 

Developing Women's Study Groups 

Exploring Syntax  

Understanding The Gospel Genre



2. Upon Submitting your registration form, you will be redirected to provide payment for your registration on the thank you for registering page.*PLEASE MAKE ALL PAYMENTS FROM** Once you click on the payment button you will be forwarded to  Square's secure online payment gateway to complete your registration payment. requires a debit or credit card method of payment. Your Registration process is INCOMPLETE  without receipt of payment.








         3. You have NOW completed your Biblical Exposition Conference (BEC) Registration!  You will receive a confirmation email from BEC and from Square       

              which Indicates your name has been added to the conference database and your conference payment has been received. 

Refund Policy: Conference Registrations are non-refundable.     




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